Thursday, 11 September 2008

Tumble tots

Today i booked Connor in to Tumble tot's for Monday at 11.30am, its going to be alot of fun i think...i hope lol I'm not to sure what they do but we will never find out unless we go. Charlotte sends her little girl and she loves it so Connor should be fine :)
Its £5.40 for 45 Min's and were going to a trial day so if he don't like it we wont have payed out for the whole term.

I have not got changed from being in my pj's all day!!! how bad is that, at 1st i was just going to get changed after i had eaten then it was after Connor's nap, then lunch and they when i looked at the time again it was like 5pm and by then i didn't think it was worth it.

Matt is going paint balling with his mates next months, there all going to be half dead when they came back lol, they went about 2 years ago and my dad and mates dad and Matt's uncle all went as well but after it my dad and Matt's dad couldn't even walk lol and Matt's uncle had to have a op on his keen after someone shot him in the leg and it damaged his keen... not good.

Matt is out at his brothers tonight having an XBOX 360 guys night so I'm home on my own, i don't mind as i get to have anything on TV that i want without Matt getting the hump.

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