Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Last few weeks....

I have been so bad at updating my blog since i have got out of papworth, i just never seem to have the time. I feel really well so I'm just spending all my free time with Matt once Connor as gone to bed as it really seems like we don't do much together (even tho he don't work)

We have been selling a lot of stuff on ebay at the mo to get a bit of money to pay off the credit card, don't have to much left on it now so I'm really happy about that.

We have spent a bit today on new things for the house, we got a phone stand (like a tall thin table) and a nest of three tables (they match the phone stand) we want to get a few more things as well that go with the set but we didn't really have the money to buy it all in one go.
We got some wood-effect PVC blinds for the big window in the living room too and it was a really good deal, the window is 180cm by 160cm drop so its very big and all the wood blinds i wanted were around £70+ so that's was no good and then we found the wood-effect ones and they looked good and when we asked the young guy with long hair who worked there how much they were he said £12.99, and for that price well you cant go wrong can you so we went up to the till to pay and the lady scanned the blind and then said "That will be £10.39 please".....we payed and left fast in case she had messed up and it was really more then that lol.

Connor has been teething like mad over the last few weeks but still only has the 2 bottom teeth that he got when he was around 9 months old, My close friend Charlotte got me some Ashton & Parsons infants powders to help him and we have given him so of that tonight, so fingers crossed he has a better nights sleep then he did last night....At 2.11am (i looked at the clock lol) Connor woke up screaming the house down and just would not go back to sleep, in the end we had him in bed with us until he fell asleep then we put him back in his cot at around 4.30am (we put his cot in our room with us in case he woke up again) and he stayed asleep till 8am!!! Matt fell asleep in the night while i was with Connor waiting for him to go to sleep so he let me have a lay in till 9am so that was nice.
We have started putting Connor to bed awake and letting him get himself to sleep but he cry's so much for about 15mins its heart-braking but if we don't it will be a lot harder as time goes on.

I went out for dinner last night with 2 of my best mates Dee and Laura, we went to a Italian and it was lovely then we went back to Dee's flat for a drink and i didn't end up getting home till around 11pm lol i went out at 6.30pm but it was such a good night i really enjoyed it.

Tomorrow we are taking Connor swimming for the 1st time ever! i cant wait. we are going with Laura so that will be really nice. I will be taking photo's of it and will post a new blog with them.

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