Monday, 4 August 2008

Connor's 1st birthday

Connor with his birthday cake
Connor all smiles on his new fire truck

Again on his new toy

Some of Connor's card's

TV looks better then presents

YAY he liked his new phone

Connor's 1st Balloon

On 26th July 2008 was Connor's 1st birthday, we had such a good day and it went really well.
Connor was a star and didn't get grumpy at all, he had so much fun with all his nanny's (3 nanny's and 3 grate nanny's) he was also spoilt rotten by everyone....we have so many toy's now that they take up half of the living room lol
Connor has started to walk along the sofa now, wont be long now until he walks on his own, we cant wait.
This is a bit of a rushed blog as I'm very tired and going to get an early night tonight but i will blog again very soon and tell you all what has been going on :)

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