Saturday, 19 July 2008

Shopping and overnight feeds

Today was a really good day, i had such a nice time.
Me and Matt went shopping and got Connor a Disney towel for his birthday, also we got Keeley the Lady dog teddy out of the Lady and the Tramp film so i hope she will like that and i also got a new bag from River Island so I'm happy lol.

I have set my feed to 800ml now so I'll see if that is ok, when i started the feeds in Dec last year (2007) doing 1000ml all at once was making me sick right after (not nice and a waste of time doing the feed) so i went down to just 500ml and i have worked my way back up, i was on 775ml but have set it to 800ml tonight so we will say.
I also don't like doing my feed overnight as it wakes me up when i have to turn it off and i don't like it as some times it leaks and that's not nice at all so i have my dinner around 6pm and then start my feed at around 7-8pm and its done in about 3 hours.

I have not seen Connor today so I'm a bit upset about that :( i will see him tomorrow and then on Monday i will see him everyday!!!! until i get dragged back in here that is.
We have now put him on cow's milk (blue top) as he was coming up to his 1st birthday and at one they can change from baby's milk to cow's, he is doing very well on it and its so much easier not having to make his bottle's up Matt says (changed him over while i was in hospital) and we are trying him on more "our" foods and all is going well, he had a chip the other day from Mc Donald's....prob not the best food for him but it was only one chip and he seemed to like mushing it up more then he did like eating it.


diddyangel said...

I remember when we changed Abi over it was so easy no more sterilising and no more making up the bottles!!!
WOo hoo for coming home tomorrow bet you can't wait!

Chantelle said...

yeah im so happy about going home :) cant wait.
it is better that he is eatting and drinking more our kind of stuff too, she growing up so fast xx

Mc Clarey said...

Ooooh you should be home now, so I hope you are having a lovely day wit Conner

Mc Clarey said...

Eeeeeks I mean connor!!!