Thursday, 3 July 2008

Baby on the go....

Now i ask you is it a good thing or bad thing that Connor has started to crawl?? well for the 1st 10 Min's it was fab and seeing him crawling all around the living room was gr8...that was until he found the TV set! now he wont leave it alone, he keep running up to it and playing with all the setting on it making Matt very mad lol we keep saying no and picking him up and putting him back on the floor away from the TV and he looks at us smiles and laughs and then sets off again to it lol he's so cheeky! we don't laugh about it when he is around as we don't want him to think it is a game but its just so sweet.
Connor started to crawl on Friday and so it will be one week to moz and he is already pulling him self up on to his keens by his toy box and pulling toy's out. He is growing up so fast.

Connor will be ONE soon!!!!!!!! 26th July is his 1st birthday and we cant wait, we are having a little party for him with all our family and a few mates so that will be gr8 and its going to be a BBQ. My mum and nan and my grandad's girlfriend Cathy will be doing the food so i don't stress out and end up getting tired and make myself ill over it so that's gr8 and Matt and his dad (i think) will be doing the manly job of cooking the meat on the BBQ......i will let you know how we get on lol

Matt has a new tattoo on his left arm and down his chest so that's cool, he has to go back next week to have it filled in as he only had the out line done as it was so big it would have taken 3 hour's in all to do it as just the out line took an hour or so.

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