Saturday, 12 July 2008

Papworth, Bumps and Birthdays

Well been back in Papworth (my CF hospital) for 6 days so far and I'm so bored, I'm an hour away from home so that means i don't get to see Connor much as he gets bored up here as there isn't anything for a baby to do really.
The main thing is that i am getting better and so hope i will stay out of here for more then 3 weeks, fingers crossed.
I came in on Monday at around 5pm after ringing them about 10am, i could not go in right away as they didn't have a bed for me till after the ward round had been done around 2pm.
When i came in i saw the on call Dr and had my port needle put in, then i was told that i was to have my bronchoscopy the next day and so could not start my i.v's that day. -

A bronchoscopy is a procedure that allows us to look at the airways, or the tracheobronchial tree, through a special sort of “scope”, called a bronchoscope. With the bronchoscope, we can evaluate the respiratory system, including the voice box (larynx), the wind pipe (trachea), and the airways (bronchi) for evidence of any abnormality or infection.

- Got that off a web site i found on the Internet as i didn't have a clue as to what to put as i was asleep.

I had the bronchoscopy done and it was fine, don't remember any of it thank god! altho i was in a bit of pain with my right side as the Dr had got a lot of sputum off that side, they gave me pain killers and i was fine if not groggy for a day or so after.

With me being in here Matt has to look after Connor all on his own and he is doing a good job altho Connor has had to bumps in 6 days.....
1st one he fell off our bed and hit his head on the bedside table as he fell, Matt said Connor cried his little heart out bless him and he now has a red mark on his head by his eyebrow!
2nd Connor was playing on the floor with his toys and Matt had put the baby walker down and lent it on the wall, Connor crawled over and pushed it and it fell on him...more crying but he was ok.
I have now given Matt orders to not let anything else happen to Connor or i will be coming home early to keep an eye on him.

Connor will be one years old in 14 days!!!!! i cant wait, i will be out of hospital and feel well and can really enjoy the day, i cant wait to see Connor open his gifts from everyone and have everyone round our house for the 1st time since we moved in back in feb.
I was going to bake Connor a birthday cake from scrach but with having to be admited to hospital i now think i wont have very much time and as i have never baked a cake before i don't want to mess it up and not have enough time to do another one so i am now going to get a plain white iced cake from tesco and decorate it myself altho I'm not sure how i will do this yet, i know i will be putting one candle on and it will be blue but that's as far as i have got so i will have to have a look online at others to see what to do.

(I know the spelling is bad lol)


Gemma said...

Hello! Did thy suck mucus off your lungs then when they did your broncho? Because my mum says they used to do that to me when I was younger. Have you had any results yet? Make sure you get lots of nice pictures of Connors birthday (if he survives until then, all those bumps to the head lol!) xx

Chantelle said...

lol i know poor little thing, he's got another week yet with his dad so we will see haha.
Yeah they sucked lots of stuff out, my right side more then the left and i think thats why it hurt more after.
i will put lots of photo's on here and facebook so ya can see :) i will put one up of the cake i do too lol

BizzleBee said...

Glad to hear your lung function is increasing :-) Yay! I've never had a Bronch so i'm afraid i can't comment on that - but great that you don't remember it.

Chantelle said...

im very happy i didnt remember it lol :)
i have added you to my blog lizzy if thats ok?