Thursday, 17 July 2008

The talk...

I had the talk with Dr Floto today about Transplants, it was ok and not as bad as i was thinking. He is putting me on more pills and inhalers and is going to get me a bone scan done and i have to go to the liver clinic again as my liver scan shows it is a bit worse then last year and all in all were going to see how things go over the next few months and then talk about it again i guess.
I don't want a Transplant but it don't bare thinking about what will happen if i don't....
Anyway there is no point in worrying about this at the minute.

I got rudely woken at 5.40am today by a thick nurse who was doing the night shift, anyway she woke me up to ask if i would do a 5.40am in the morning??? It took all my strength not to ram the BM machine down her throat.
She then asked me if i was refusing, so that made me even more mad.

I get to go home on Monday and i cant wait, its going to be so nice to sleep in my own bed again and to eat a good cooked meal again and i have missed Matt and Connor so much, the cat i have not missed so much lol

Me and my mates Dee and Laura are meeting up on Tuesday and going up the town shopping, i have missed shopping as i get very tired but with me coming out of hospital the day before I'm guessing i will be well enough for a few hours walking about, Connor is coming and also Dee's little girl Keeley so that will be nice.
It is also Laura's birthday on Tuesday too so it will be nice to have lunch out and i can give her her birthday gift today, its a pink box with number 7 make up in it, it is really nice so i hope she likes it.

Next week is so busy as its Connor's birthday next Saturday and we have so much to do for it, me and my mum are getting Connor's hair cut on Thursday, i hope he is going to sit still so he don't end up with half an ear by the end of it...Matt would not be to happy with me.
On the Friday me and my mum are going shopping for a birthday cake for Connor, its going to be a plain white iced one and I'm going to then decorate it, i have already got him the candle to go on it, it is a blue number one with a elephant, its so cute.
I will take photo's and put them up once i have done it.

I'm going to go see the new Mamma Mia movies with Dee and Laura sometime next week, i cant wait as its meant to be really good, my nurse went last night and she said i have to see it as its so good and she had such a good time.

So that's my plans for next week and cant wait.


Mc Clarey said...

I hope you enjoy Conners Birthday! I bet you can't wait to get home. I love the pic of him in your other posts, he is seriously cute. I want to steal him!!!

Urgh for the BM testing at 5,40 AM. Why do they do that?! I'm sure they do it to wind us up sometimes !!!

Im glad the 'talk' went as well as it could. I hope the new inhalers and pills help make you a bit more stable.

Take care

clarey xxx

Chantelle said...

i know, 5.40am?!?!?! what was she thinking!

you want to sleal my baby....:O lol.....NEVER hahaha


Gemma said...

hey bring Connor to me and i'll cut his hair! I might be seeing Mamma Mia tomorrow, depends on the weather! I would have smacked that nurse too, its bad enough when they do yours obs at like 8am!

Chantelle said...

if you lived closer i would bring him to you gemma but a 3 hour car drive isnt something i look forward too lol
im from up north to, just by you aswell.....barnsley!!!! i mover to essex when i was 9 but i still go up north to see all my dad's side as they all live up there still.

BizzleBee said...

Why on earth would you need a BM test at 5:40AM? Madness. Just cos the nurses are up "working" (or gossiping), doesn't mean we should be too!!!
Glad "the talk" was okay, onward and upward i hope.