Sunday, 6 July 2008

Connor an his toy box

Connor pulling himself up to his knees to look in his toy box and pull toys out. it wont be long untill he will be walking im sure.


scotpics said...


Lovely photos of Connor.

I'm Alan and I have CF too. I just don't want you to be too scared about a transplant. I haven't had one and I'm 51 years old at the end of the month (probably old enough to be your father). Also one of my relations had one when he was about 16 and he's about 40 now and very healthy. It made all the difference to him.

All the best.


Chantelle said...

lol my dad is 47 so yeah around your age. thank you that has made me feel better as i dont know how long you have once you have had a transplant, i know a few people who have had them but thay have all had them within the last 10 years.