Thursday, 17 March 2011

The long a-waited answer

Is anyone even reading this blog? prob not haha

Anyway lets get to the point shall we......I'M ON THE LIST!
Well as from the 1st of April ish as i have to have a smear test done next week but I'm very happy about it all and cant wait to start my new life, our new life mine, Matt and Connor.
All the tests they did was pretty much normal and i have had most of them done before so it wasn't anything from the norm for me.
I had my button changed today too and it bleed a little so that freaked me out a tad but its fine now, it was also changed for a smaller one as it keeps leaking so i will see if this one is any better.
I'm going home soon, 15 hours and 20 Min's lol i cant wait, 9am to moz and I'm out that door and they wont see me for dust! i hope i can stay away for a good 6 weeks this time, might even get a call before coming back in haha that's scary to think, scary but good.
The food is so bad in here i don't think i would even feed it to my dog! mums cooking for me when i get home, yum cant wait and just thinking about home cooking is making my mouth water as i type!

I have been thinking of doing some sort of course for when i get my lungs and start my new life, i have always wanted to work with animals but since having all the TX talks i don't think i should risk it (no that your cant work with them, just birds i think)  so i was stuck as to what i could do and then a friend from papworth who is staying in at the moment too who has done a nail training course from ICS so i have had a look and i think i will give that a go.

There is alot more i need to say but i cant think of everything at the moment, theses last few days have taken a toll on me mentally i think more then anything else.


Jess said...

I read it, and I"m glad you're getting listed! HAving new lungs is like nothing you're ever felt before!

JenniLeigh said...

I read it!
So excited for you hun. =)

Gem said...

I read it too! That's such brilliant news!!!!!!


Tori said...

I read!! But obviously you don't read mine seeing as it's not on your blog list!! ;)

Gemma said...

I read it! There is loads of stuff you could train to do, keep thinking! xx

Anonymous said...

I read it! I look forward to ur posts!

Chantelle said...

i do read your V! :P i just have to update it since you changed your address lol
thanks everyone :) xx