Saturday, 12 March 2011


Back in papworth hospital now, been in since Tuesday and have to stay the whole 2 weeks this time. something I'm not to happy about but i don't think i have much of a choice in the matter.
today's the 1st day that i have woke up and felt well, they changed my iv yesterday as i was getting very sick on the one they put me on.
not good that i have come off it as my Dr said i should stay on the iv to show the TX team that I'm willing to do anything to get a TX but i didn't see why i had to be as sick as a dog to show them that, it would have just made me moody and angry and prob a bit depressed on it, not something i wanted.
i do really want a TX, more then anything in the world, i not only want one but i need one, i need to be here for Connor i need to see him grow up, i need to see him grow in to a man...i need to be his mum, i just need a little help to fulfill that.
i have a lovely bit of art work on my wall in the hospital that Connor did for me at school, I'll try and put load a photo of it but not sure how to do it from my phone, Connor broke my cam the other week and i haven't got another one yet.
Connor came up today with Matt and we all went out for lunch, it was lovely and Connor was so clingy with me, Matt said he is missing me.
I have missed Connor so much and i have only been here for 5 days! over a week left.
i start the tests on Monday, I'm not sure what to except so i guess i just get up and ready by 9am and wait for someone to come see me.
Matt is coming up to be with me for every day of the tests, i need some support.

there is a lot of things i have been thinking of doing when i get my new lungs, go to Italy for a lovely Holiday (not been since i was 16) i want to move house, i want to work, i want to buy my own car, i want to stay in a London hotel and walk around London all night and see all the diff things there are out in the world.
so much more, I'll have to do the header thing on here when i would it out lol

I'm back on steroids so have been eating so much! good news i guess but not for my sugars.
my mum has sent up lots of cans of soup for me to eat....i dint know what she was thinking, there is like 10 cans in a bad and that's it! lucky i got some bread while i was out today, looks like soup for tea tonight!!

i will prob next blog after my tests, fingers crossed for good news............not sure what i will do if its bad......

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