Wednesday, 16 June 2010


I'm now a married woman!
The day was great and i loved every minute of it, everyone said it was a fab day and they all had a lovely time. my dad got upset reading his speech out and Russ (best man 2) got lots of laughs!
in the evening i changed out my dress in the jeans and t-shirt!!!!! only i could do that on my wedding day as so many people told me.

I'll add some photos of the day for you all...

Few things have been going on this last few weeks,

1st off were getting a new bathroom and a new front door were just waiting for the builder to get back to us with a start date, when the bathroom is all done I'm going shopping and getting new towels and bits to go in there so its all lovely and nice!

2nd we have a dishwasher now!!!! my brother fitted it for us yesterday and I'm on my 2nd load of dishes in it (might have put things in that didn't need washing so i could use it) it isn't very loud so that's good and its also a slimline one so its really very cute looking!

3rd joined up with the gym last night in an attempt to get my LF up and out of the 30% range as I'm really not liking it being there, next papworth app isn't until 2 weeks today so that's a nice few weeks without having to worry about my LF and gives me chance to get it up with the gym. I'm starting swimming and the bike 1st and think i might join a class or two of yoga for something.

4th got my PEG date for around the end of Aug so I'm pretty angry with that as they said it would be 2 weeks after the wedding and so i thought they would be booking it in march for June time but nope they didn't book it till just now grrr!
but on the + side of things i get to enjoy swimming without a button for 2 months before not going swimming for 3 months due to having the tube in.

don't really have much more to say at the mo, I'll blog again with my 1st day at the gym next week!!!

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