Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Last few days as a Miss!!!

3 Days!!!

That isnt long is it? i dont know where the time has gone.
Its been none stop here and i havent even had time to myself to do anything.
To moz i have to take all the bits down to the hotel so that they can set it all up on friday for us.
Got my eyebrows waxed after we have dropped everything off.
Had my nails done yesterday again but im not having them done again now, im going to do them myself. i was working it out yesterday and in a year i would spend over 550 pound to have my nails done every 2-3weeks but if i got all the bits and did it all myself then it would only cost me around 200 pound and then just buy the pots of gel as and when i need them.
Already got a few bits off ebay last night and im going to buy a bit a week.
Just got to learn to do them now!

I have been doing lots of ebaying this last week, making a bit of money and also making some room in the house!
Sold connors staire gates and highchair so thats made some room and selling some of his old clothes that dont fit him anymore, just bits like that really.

V is doing so well after her TX, its been 9 days now and she is really coming along. She is in a bit of pain but after having new lungs that to be excpected i guess.
She sure did pick a week for it tho with the hot weather, she is stuck in a stuffy hospital room with a fan on her, i dont thinik she can open the windows for infection risks?

Next time i post i will be a married woman!

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