Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Mad Month!

Time fly's when your having fun....isn't that the saying? I'm not sure i have been having fun but time has been flying this last month, what with the wedding plans and being on i.v's for 3 weeks (end Friday) i just never seem to have a spare min to myself.

In 9 days i will be a married lady! that is scary, very scary but also its the start of something new, being a grown up in a way...but you would think having Connor would have made me grow up, don't get me wrong it did, alot. but this isn't the same i think the main thing that makes it more grown up is that i will be changing my name, it kind of feels like i wont be me anymore....I'm not sure that even makes sence but i think the scary bit is changing my name.

We want to get a morgae in the nest few years too so we have to start saving for a deposit now so we will have a good one and then when we have lived here for 5 years we can buy the place off the council so I'm looking forward to that.

everything is looking like things are starting to go our way for once!

In other news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My close friend Victoria got the call on Saturday night and got the gift of new lungs on Sunday morning!!!!! i got a text at around 5am from my friend Gemma telling me about it and i was so happy i screamed lol Matt tho there was something wrong! (i didn't get the text till around 8am when i woke up) I'm so proud of her, i was so worried while she was having the and even more so when she was still asleep before they woke her up! she is doing so well and like i say I'm just so happy for her, i talk to my mum about alot of my CF friends ( vic, gem and kay mainly) and she was so happy to hear about Victoria too!

Connor now is at pre-school Monday afternoons and Wednesday all day! he is growning up so fast! after the wedding is over with i need to start and sort out his 3rd birthday, plan and invite people and book a place or sort out a BBQ....still don't know what were going to do for him yet.
He hasn't been to well today, had a temp most of the day but the only good thing is that the wedding isn't till next week so he has a week to get better.
He looks sooooo sweet in his little pageboy suit!!!! i cant wait to see him next to Matt when they are both dressed up, going to look so cute!

I'm getting a spray tan done next week for the wedding! never had one before so fingers crossed i will look ok, if i don't then I'm screwed haha. *photos to come*

*To much on my mind to think how to spell sorry lol*

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Gemma said...

I cant believe Connor is going to be 3! How did that happen?! lol!
Wahoo Mrs Hughes in 9 days! Just waiting for your present to arrive for me to post to you ;o)