Friday, 18 June 2010

Its All Go!

Well the hospital rang me yesterday to ask if i wanted my PEG fitted on Tuesday! as if i would say no to that, they wanted to know how my chest was and i said it was ok but would prob need i.v's in 2 weeks at my next clinic app.
They wanted to ask the Dr what was going to happen and if i would need i.v's before the op so said they would ring me back.
An hour later my CF nurse rang me back and asked if i could go to clinic today so the Dr could see how i was and then i would come in Monday or Tuesday and the op doing on Tuesday!

I'm happy that its getting done but also a little off coz its so fast and now i cant go to the gym for around a month? and cant go swimming now for 3 months or when they put my button in and take the tube out.

Anyway I'm going to go and start getting ready.


Gemma said...

I dont see why you cant go to the gym as soon as you feel upto it. Going on the reclining bike only works your legs, or you could do some walking on the treadmill. Just take it easy which you will do at first anyway as you need to build your fitness up xx

Anonymous said...

I hope everything goes well with the Peg!
HOpe your Cf is going well. - I also have Cf. :/