Thursday, 1 July 2010


I'm now on feeds now i have my PEG in, still a tad bit sore when i twist or bump it and i cant sleep on my belly anymore but I'm still really glad its in and I'm now doing feeds.
when i left the hospital they sent me home with a weeks worth of feeds and bits, i was all set to do 2 bags on my 1st night home but the hospital had forgot to give me the bit of tube that connects the 2 bags together so for the last week i have only been doing one bag a night but have got that down to having it over 2 hours so that's great.
i do my feeds around an hour or 2 after my dinner as i cant stand doing them overnight as the tube gets in the way and I'm always worried that I'm going to pull it out in my sleep or something.
Anyway i got my 1st lot of feed and bits today from homeward (suppliers) so i can now start and do 2 bags of feed a night!!!!
I weighed myself but it seems i have lost a kg! i think from that it shows that i do need 2 bags a night (2000 cal's) and maybe need to keep a better eye on my BM's and maybe need to tweak my nova rapid a bit, I have just got this new app on my iPhone for BM's and that so that should help as i always forget to write down what they are and then forget when the hospital ask me!

Going to do my 1st gym workout on Monday when Connor is at school, well i hope anyway! have to see if the working men are coming to change the front door on Monday or Tuesday. cant wait to have a lovely nice clean white door and not the nasty paint peeling brown wooden one that lets all the cold air in.

Me and Connor did some cooking today and been playing in the garden, i got the swimming pool out for him but it seemed a bit cold to let him get in it, it isn't as hot as it was yesterday but he was at school all day yesterday so he couldn't use it then.
Today he has mainly stayed in just his pants! i don't mind as its hot, I'm still in my PJ's today so how can i tell him to get dressed!

Really hungry and cant wait for my dinner today! going to make pork chops with baby new pots and salad i think for me and Connor, Matt is going to the gym tonight so he wont be eating till around 9pm when he gets in and i will be on my feed by then so i eat dinner with Connor now and not Matt in the week and at the weekend we all eat dinner together.

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Ruth Jay said...

glad it all went well and you're home again :) I'm sure your weight will start going up on the 2 bags a night, fingers crossed for you!