Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Under The Weather In Two Ways

Wow a whole month off blogging! thats bad even for me.
Not had a gr8 month really, had just about 4 weeks of i.v's in the end and then after a week neddle free connor gets ill and i get it off him too!
that was a week ago now and were both still a bit bunged up. the nights are the wrose, i have to sleep with my mouth open at the mo and then when i wake up my mouth is sooo dry that it really hurts.

In other news....


not to sure when as we not booked a date yet, my mum is ringing up places today so we can go round and look at them and on friday were going dress shopping with my nan.

I tho i would be ok to do this today but my head is hurting and im tired so im going to have a nap and maybe come back to it later or another day.

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Gem said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! It's Tigger from the CFtrust boards by the way. Hope you are feeling better now and are managing to stay needle free! :D