Monday, 9 June 2008

Wow well its been some time since i posted on my blog, its been a very busy few weeks.
I have my car now, a black 1.8 Astra and i love it, its so nice to have a new car its just a shame you have to be ill to get it.
We got Connor his new car seat and he loves it now he can see us when were in the car, we just have to try and not wake him up when we take him out. I'll put some photos up of him in it soon.

I'm once again back in hospital at the moment and had a bad night last night and not a good day today but I'm feeling a bit better now. What it was that made me feel so ill was a new I.V drug that was making me be sick so the Dr's gave me some very strong anti sickness drug that was to strong for me and i had a bad turn on that too, it was like the room was spinning and i could not stop it and that lasted about 24 hours i would say for me to get over it.

I don't feel too good now I'm very tired so I'm going to go to bed now

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