Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Sad news again from the CF site, Sandy passed away yesterday around 9am, her big brother posted saying so and its such sad news i was so shocked when i found out as i have talked to Sandy on the site and on Facebook and she was a gr8 friend, always up for a chat. She was in hospital for around 9 weeks until the end...she just couldn't fight anymore. Everyone is sad, Sandy was such a nice lady.

Any one that can please sign up and become an organ Donor, you could save so many lives...x

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Toria said...

IT is truly awful about Sandy, like you I only knew her on FB and through the CF forum but she seemed like a truly funky person. Like others have said at least she is with her sister and at peace now, I got the impression the struggle was really getting to her, so in some ways I think it is a relief.

Thank you for your comment on my blog.My son Edward is 6 months old.

You REALLY should go swimming, it is a bit scary, but I went to a mummies and babies only session and the lifegaurd handed him to me in the pool and then held him as I got out. We didn't really swim about much I just held his head and let him float around, and sort of dragged him slowly through the water, just like being in a giant bath!

I'd say take the plunge (excuse the pun) sooner rather than later as the earlier they get in the water the better chance they have of being confident swimmers in the long run :o)

Good Luck x