Tuesday, 24 June 2008

London and Transplants

Well we got back from London on sunday night after a lovely weekend away just me and Matt. We had such a nice time even if i did get very tired!
A white limo picked us up at 9am on the saturday from my mum's house and took us to London, (we had a bottle of bubbly too) we got to London around 10am and checked our bags in because we could not check in to our room untill 2pm. We then sat in the lobby and had a cup of tea while we waited for our car to take us to the Natural History Museum at 11.30am, We had a good time looking around all the bones and reading about the world in the Museum. We had some food in the cafe and had a good look around the shop too, got some nice bits for people back home.
We then got a London black cab to Harrods and looked around there for an hour or so but didnt buy anything because it was all so much money! They had puppies and kittens there too that were so cute but at £1000 per kitten we wasnt getting one :)
After Harrods we went back to the hotel for a few hours to have a bath and get ready for going out for a meal in the everning.
We got to the restaurant at 7.15pm and sat outside to eat as it was a lovely warm everning and we was right next to the theams and tower bridge so that was nice to look at, the meal was very nice but didnt fill us up so when we got back to the hotel we order room service lol.
The next day we went to Madam tussauds at 10am and had a nice time looking at all the wax people, there was so many people in there that we kinda ran round and left about 11.15am so we then went for a drink in Weatherspoons in Baker street then we went to the London Eye site and went in the London Aquarium and i think that was the best bit for me, it was really good seeing all the fish and there was 4 very big sharkes too.
After spending a bit in the gift shop we had some hot dogs and an ice cream before having a look around the London Eye gift shop and then we went on a boat trip down the Theams and got some really good photo's along the way, we then walked back to the hotel where our limo was waiting to take us back home again.
All in all we had such a good time and loved it! Thanks to the Willow Foundation who made it all happen.

I missed Connor so much when we was away for the weekend and was so happy to see him again, i think he missed us to, he gave me a big hug and a kiss! i think he had a good time with Nanny and Grandad Oates.

My I.V's ended on friday but my lung func was down so they are not too happy at the hospital and i have to go back in 2 weeks to see what there doing. The CF Nurse Sam was talking to me about a Transplant, she said the Dr's put people on the list at about 30% lung func and mine is at 32% after 2 weeks of I.V's so i will have to go on that soon but they will talk to me about it more when i go back in 2 weeks.
Im a bit scared but if i can have it then i will have it as i want to be around for Connor as long as i can and if that means having to do this then so be it.

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diddyangel said...

What lovely photo's sounds like you had an amazing weekend! I'm so glad you could go - its hard leaving your little one but you must make time for you too!
I'm sorry to hear about the tx - but think of the opertunities it could open up for you - how nice it'd be to have new lungs. I know its hard and scary and you know where i am.
Sending lots of love and hugs x x x