Thursday, 1 May 2008

Day 4

I'm on day 4 of I.V's now and getting bit bored sat in hospital but i was very happy yesterday as i had some flowers delivered! lovely tulips of all different colours so that really made my day and put a big smile on my little face.

I will upload some photo's as soon as i get home after my stay in papworth, i will be going home on Saturday night till Sunday afternoon but i wont upload photo's then as i will be spending that time with Matt and Connor and not on the lap-top as you will have guessed with only a day at home.

Right so as for my stay in I'm having 2 weeks of I.V's (only 10 days left!) and they will end on the 12th May and on the 13th May I'm having my feeding tube taken out and a mikey button but it so that's good. I wont have to worry about Connor pulling the tube and it mean's me and Matt can have a really good hug again (4 months without a good hug was really starting to get me down) I'm really really happy now.

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