Sunday, 11 May 2008

Day 13 and Harry's Birthday

Day 13 of I.V's, and so far....
*Feel alot better
*Don't have much sputum
*Can walk more then a few feet without getting out of breath
*LF gone from 34% to 62%
*Looking so much better
*Not coughing half as much.

I finish my I.V's tomorrow (Monday) but i wont be going home as I'm having my feeding tube out and a mickey button put in so i will no longer have a 12 inch tube coming out my belly, I'm rather happy about that and cant wait.

I have had a lovely weekend at home, the sun has been out and it's been so hot i have a tan! we have had family BBQ's and we got Connor a paddling pool, he loved it. We put a hat on him and factor 50 sun cream because the sun was so hot, it was around 25c now that's very hot for the 11th may.

It's my little brothers 20th birthday today so....HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY....must be nice to have your birthday on a lovely hot day, mine is in middle of December so i don't get much of a tan on mine, well not unless i go on a sunbed or get a fake tan lol

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